Thursday, November 5, 2009

History Unlimited....Mehrahngarh Fort, Jodhpur

It's time to be a Rajput-King and survey your kingdom in style!!!

Dazzling display of colours inside the fort..


Bird's eye view of Jodhpur city from the fort

Pics are taken from one of my innumerable trips to the 'Land of Kings'.

An Indian Summer

Unspoiled beauty

Mother Nature..

Kullu-Nahan....Devbhumi Himachal...


Way to Heaven:)


(Snaps from my fifth trip to 'The Valley of GODS' :))

The Desert Tale- Jaisalmer a desert song!!!!!

The silent music in sand-dunes,Jaisalmer

Nature and life....GOD gifted!!!!

An unforgettable Bedouin ride...Sam(Sum)Dhani...
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